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Fresh Cheese

Formaggi stagionati Via Lattea - Korban

Aged Cheese

Alta Langa
Toma di San Martino

We want to tell you a story of passion and traditions

Territory, Passion and Ancient Traditions bring this place to life, brimful of fascinating beauty that pours out, hugging everything in harmonious atmospheres lined with natural cycles.
A historical place of passage, crossroad of the regions of South Piedmont and Liguria, the Alta Langa is a precious treasure to live and discover: stone towers, medieval villages castled on green hills, vineyards and hazelnut fields lapped by marine winds, from Celtoliguri to Romans, through Longobardi and Saracens.
This is the place that has chosen us for living and working. 

Our cheese

Fresh, aged and refined. For all of our cheeses, we always follow the rules of simplicity and artisanal production, by choosing local resources of the highest quality. We put the flavours of our territory in the milk, the aroma of the Langhe, making us interpreters of ancient traditions that have lived for centuries.
Che sia fresco o stagionato, l’importante è che sia di vostro  gradimento.

Discover our cheeses, produced with 100% Italian cow or goat milk.


Our Yogurt

Have you ever tried a yogurt that really tastes like milk? No added sugars, no additives, only fresh cow and goat milk and italian fruit mixes.
All artisanally produced.

Dairy Artisanal Production

Artisanal Production

Artisanal and Production are two words indissolubly bonded for us. Everything that you can see on these pages is born in our dairy. We are, first of all, producers. We are a traditional artisanal dairy, a young company that follows the teaching of master cheese makers with great commitment and enthusiasm.

Dairy Simple Production


Who said that complex things are the best ones? Since the beginning, we identify simplicity as a great value, because simple things are what makes life worth living. The nature, master of simplicity, that surrounds us, continues to teach us how much important its cycles are: work and rest, love and passion, dedication and commitment.

Dairy Passionate Production


Everything that we are passionate about is around us: hills, sunsets and sunrises, vineyards, woods and castles. We are in a context where creation and creativity meet in a single relationships and nature is the protagonist.

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