Cortese, short aged goat robiola from italian milk - Korban agricultural company


Short aged goat robiola cheese

About 15 days of aging
Delicate taste and soft consistency
Only Italian goat milk

A docile character

Not all goat cheeses have to be strong flavoured. The Cortese is a robiola made with goat milk from Piedmont region, featuring an extremely delicate and embracing flavor, perfect for all kind of palates.

Making a robiola Cortese is no easy task: its production process involves several steps executed in precise timing. Following these rules is essential in achieving a perfect product.
The aging takes about 15 days to complete, during which the Cortese develops its soft natural rind.

Abbinamenti degustazione formaggio e vino

Suggested pairings


Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto d’Alba


Vegetables, Chestnut honey, jam and fruit mixes, risotto, hazelnut oil

How it’s cut

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