About Us

Alta Langa landscape
Korban baby goat

Everything starts from the territory

Our dairy is in a very special place.

Located in the crossroad between the provinces of Cuneo, Savona and Asti, the ancient Gorrino hamlet, in the heart of the Langhe, is a small fraction of Pezzolo Valle Uzzone municipality at a short distance from the city of Cortemilia, homeland of the worldwide famous Piedmont Hazelnut.

Here you can enjoy a territory that, for centuries, has been meeting point for communities, traditions and history, as testified by the several peasant chapels and the Castle of Gorrino, towering at 700mt above sea level.

Nature is the master here, with thick woods that surround our dairy, gifting us with a green and majestic frame.

We consider ourselves very lucky of living and working in a place like this, where connection with territory and its traditions is always lit and where we can follow centuries old lores day by day.


Artisanal production, Simplicity and Passion

These are the three terms that better identify our way of thinking and working, our philosophy, our mission.

The Craftmanship is the base of our production process. We are born as a small company with traditional artisanal manufacturing, that thanks to the teaching of great master cheese makers has put itself in to the market of dairy business.

Simplicity is one the values that we most proudly follow since the beginning. Starting from the milk, that we make sure is of the highest quality and travels as little as possible before reaching our dairy, to the production itself, following nature cycles through work and rest.
Good things require time.

And finally Passion, what initially brought this company to life. We are surrounded by our passions: hills, pristine nature, vineyards, castles and woods. The Alta Langa is the biggest treasure of all and we can enjoy it every day.

Goat milk cheese and yogurt
Cow milk cheese and yogurt

It’s all about milk, the good one

We make sure that our milk is not just Italian, but only from the area of Cuneo (our province) and neighboring zones. Being it from our goats or from the breeders near our dairy Via Lattea, we are committed in using only local resources.

Cow milk, goat milk and sheep milk, the rules is always the same: artisanal production with local resources.

Italian milk dairy Via Lattea - Korban