Castellana robiola goat cheese from raw milk


Robiola cheese made with raw goat milk

At least 10 days of aging
Distinct and characteristic taste
Only Italian goat milk

A unique nature

Its small size and ripening versatility make this an exceptional cheese, unique in its genre. Today, we can be interpreters of this historical tradition from the Langhe, welcoming it as a gift from our territory.

The Castellana has a minimum ripening of 10 days, but its incredible versatility makes possible to bring it to further aging and refining, with increasing tastes and sensations.

 Castellana robiola di capra di latte lavorato a crudo

Abbinamenti degustazione formaggio e vino

Suggested pairings


Barolo, Barbaresco, Vin Santo


Salads, chestnut honey, any kind of jam, risotti, hazelnut oil

How it’s cut

Tipologia di taglio formaggio 1