Gorrinese goat robiola


Goat Robiola

Minimum aging of 4 days
Soft and aromatic dough
Only Italian goat milk

With us since the beginning

Made with pasteurized milk, it belongs to the family of goat cheeses with delicate savor, ideal for several pairings.

The robiola Gorrinese cheese has a minimum aging of 4 days. The curd matures inside specific vats and then it’s transferred in solid nets, where it rests some time before packaging process.

This light cheese is particularly suitable for fresh consumption. With ripening, its initially soft dough reaches a chalk-like consistency, releasing sweet aromatic notes.

Robiola Gorrinese and Robiola Castellana

Tasting pairings cheese and wine

Suggested pairings


Barolo, Barbaresco, Vin Santo


Salads, chestnut honey, any kind of fruit jam, risotto, hazelnut oil

How it’s cut

How it's cut