Ricotta soft fresh goat cheese

Goat Ricotta

Fresh goat cheese

No aging or maturation at all
Sweet, delicate and soft
Only Italian goat milk

The real Ricotta is from goat milk

Goat Ricotta has always been an uncommon and difficult to find dairy delicacy. It’s extremely delicate and sweet, soft and easy to digest even for those who are cow milk intolerant.

For this product the maturation process is completely absent, being the freshness the core feature for a perfect ricotta.

Ricotta di capra, Via Lattea - società agricola Korban

Abbinamenti degustazione formaggio e vino

Suggested pairings


Perfect to be paired with white, light and aromatic wines, like a Chardonnay


Herbs and spices, pink pepper, hazelnut oil, italian olive oil

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