Fresh Cheese

All the freshness of our high quality milk from local farmers of Piedmont region.
Artisanal production with local resources.

Gorrinese Robiola fresh cheese from goat milk

La Gorrinese

Goat Robiola

Our most classical goat robiola: light, soft and full or aroma.

Crescenza from cow or goat milk


from Cow or Goat milk

Soft and creamy crescenza available in cow or goat version, always from genuine Italian milk.

Pezzolino soft fresh goat cheese


Soft goat cheese

Soft goat cheese (caprino) with amazing soft texture and delicate savor, perfect for tasty recipes.

Primì goat fresh first salt cheese


Goat first salt

Pure goat milk first salt cheese, produced with the original recipe without ferments.

Primì goat fresh first salt cheese

Goat Ricotta

Fresh goat ricotta

Sweet, soft and delicate. A precious and delicious rarity from the dairy world.

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