Neir cow cheese refined in charcoal


Aged cheese refined in charcoal

Short aging
Refined in charcoal
Only Italian cow milk

Black suits you

In past days, charcoal and ashes were extremely important in food preservation techniques. The Nèir is a small round cheese with a short aging. The rind is enveloped in fine charcoal, which makes a strong contrast with the white and “plaster” dough once the cheese is cut open. This special refining process gives armony and complexity to the final product.

Aging is short and extremely tidy, the small sizes of this cheese are ideal for a quick drying and the charcoal helps in expanding the organoleptic sensations of this product.

Il Nèir formaggio affinato in carbone vegetale

Abbinamenti degustazione formaggio e vino

Suggested pairings


Moscato, Vermentino, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco


Black currant jam, honey

How it’s cut

Tipologia di taglio formaggio 1