Toma di San Martino, Via Lattea dairy, Korban agricultural company

Toma di San Martino

Aged Goat cheese

From 40 days to 1 year of aging
Sweet and delicate taste
Only Italian goat milk

A great classic

The Toma di San Martino is a cheese that has accompanied us since the beginning of our dairy. Together with the Gorrinese, it’s probably the product that better represent our story.

The rind is light gray, slightly wrinkled, while the internal dough is ivory white. Both the external and internal parts tend to change color with further aging, amber for the rind and straw yellow for the dough. In this cheese, we can find harmonies of different tastes, rich but delicate.

The aging of the Toma di San Martino is at least 40 days long, but can go on up to 1 year. The longer the aging, the stronger and more intense the flavors.

Toma di San Martino, caseificio Via Lattea Società agricola Korban

Abbinamenti degustazione formaggio e vino

Suggested pairings


Arneis, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto d’Alba, Moscato, Barolo


Fruits, vegetables, raw meat, dried fruits, figs jam, citrus fruits jam, chestnut honey

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