Primì goat first salt cheese, Via Lattea - Korban agricultural company


Goat first salt cheese

Just 1 day of maturation
Original recipe, with no ferments
Only Italian goat milk

Not too much salt, thanks

Primì is a pure goat first salt cheese. A fresh cheese with tender dough, ideal for consumption in short time after production. It’s made with the original recipe where no lactic ferments are involved, thus maintaining milk flavour unaltered.

It’s a very fresh product with almost no maturation: just 1 day and it’s ready.

Primì formaggio primosale di capra, Via Lattea - società agricola Korban

Abbinamenti degustazione formaggio e vino

Suggested pairings


Easily paired with both light white and red wines


Great for appetizers, second courses, salads and fruits

How it’s cut

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