Cow and goat crescenza Via Lattea - Korban


Fresh cheese from goat or cow milk

Creamy, with an enveloping taste
Crescenza di Langa: Italian cow milk
Goat Crescenza: Italian goat milk

Softness from Langhe

The hills with their soft profiles embracing this territory have inspired us in making this cheese with an incredibly creamy consistency and enveloping taste. Only good milk and a brief maturation ensure the creation of a symphony of sweet and harmonic notes.

The ripening of our Crescenza is very brief, only a week long, the right amount of time to develop a wide softness. The surface is white and a little wet. Further aging results in a cremification, with the release of new tastes.

Crescenza from Langa - crescenza from italian cow milk, Korban Via Lattea dairy

Tasting pairings wine and cheese

Suggested pairings


Roero Arneis, Chardonnay, Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera Novello


Suitable for focacce, risotti, salads and fresh vegetables

How it’s cut

how it's cut